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The cycle must be broken | June 19, 2010

Part of my money issues come from my impulsive nature and my desire to do stuff for people.’

For example, someone I know online moved into a new home. So I thought I could make her something (I am a crafter) in certain colors. I would have to go buy those colors because I don’t have the materials I need to make what I want.  I have other colors, but not THOSE colors.   I know the items I want are on sale for $1. So I would only ‘spend” $2 making the products (I still haven’t figured out the price of my labor)  and about $1 mailing them.  Yes, that is only ~$3 but I don’t need to spend that.

This is something I do very often….doing this often has assisted in my debt build up.

Where this $3 could go….

-towards paying off debt (will list out my debt at another point)

-savings (non-existent…I will explain later)



So, am I going to spend the $3? Sorta kinda….my impulsive nature to do something for somebody led me to spend $29.68 last week.  $15.93 on a refund card (another story for another time) and $13.75 from my bank account.  After mulling over it I used several items I had at home and I am going to return all of the items except for one. which leaves me with $26.44.  So yes, I am going to spend the $3 and return the rest of the items leaving me with ~$23.00.

It is a big cycle that must be broken…..


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